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Viking KAPAP self defence group rebrand

Viking KAPAP self defence rebrand

Viking KAPAP timeline and the origins

Seems such a long time ago when I decided to take the plunge and run my own martial arts club in 2012. I can still remember my first nervous class at Bwell Gym in Gorleston, the time has flown and it has been filled with seminars and courses both as a teacher and a student. KAPAP Great Yarmouth was based at BWell’s for a couple of years until the decision was made to move away, and find a new venue. The Cobholm Community Centre is located closer to Yarmouth town centre, it has a large floor space; offering more training area and privacy than the gym location.

KAPAP self defence classes in Norwich 2015

We were happily running a club in Great Yarmouth all the way up until 2015 when a friend at my local gym asked me why there wasn’t class in Norwich. Never really occurred to me then but why not? It started off with a few private lessons, eventually setting up a Tuesday evening class at the Fully Pumped Gym.

Now we meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Norman Centre and have a Saturday morning sparring session at Fully Pumped Gym. As the club had outgrown it’s name, KAPAP Great Yarmouth & Norwich was a bit of a mouthful so we thought a new name would be easiest.

Viking KAPAP

So after a little consideration we decided to rename the group Viking KAPAP to celebrate Norfolk’s Nordic ancestry. The other reason was that the infantry battalion I served in many years ago carried the nickname the ‘Vikings’ (1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment)

The new brand is still inline with the KAPAP UK group using the same fonts and colour scheme, but a new logo was needed. After a little bit of research into ancient Viking symbols one stood out, the symbol of the Viking warrior Odin, three overlapping triangles.

This is one of my favourite parts of running your own business, it’s satisfying to put 20 years experience in graphic design into something that actually means something personally. My main skillsets are graphic design and web design, along with my partner, we design, build, populate and maintain websites. So if you ever need help with a website or logo, leaflet, brochure then contact RedCard design!

We now have new t-shirts available sporting the Viking KAPAP logo, click here for more details…


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After having been attending Brett’s KAPAP training two nights a week for the past 4 months, I can certainly attest to the INCREDIBLE value for money of his program and the wonderfully pragmatic and effective approach to self defence it takes. There are no frills or rituals, only techniques that to my lay mind seem entirely rooted in reason and principal.

Alec, Norwich