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Sam Markey self defence master class in Norwich & Great Yarmouth

Breaking a clinch hole with Matt Mayes Level 1 Viking KAPAP instructor

It was a pleasure to have Sam Markey Chief Instructor KAPAP UK and Brett Richards visit the Viking KAPAP group in Norwich and Great Yarmouth over the bank holiday weekend.

The Viking KAPAP self defence group (previously KAPAP GY) have been well established in Norwich and Great Yarmouth for several years. The group has grown considerably since the early days and we have now got several Level 1 assistant instructors who have been steadily gaining experience.

Great Yarmouth is where Viking KAPAP started 4 years ago and is the senior club. A small group but more experienced team based in the Cobholm Community Centre.

Our Norwich venue is spacious and located near the Northern part of the ring road with plenty of parking and large matted areas, we train here three times a week.

Sam Markey Chief Instructor KAPAP UK

Sam has recently returned to the UK after moving to New Zealand and has recently been appointed a ‘Teacher’┬áby Avi Nardia. Sam has a vast experience of KAPAP principles, he is also a fantastic teacher so we were keen to invite him over for a seminar as soon as he could fit us in.

Two day self defence workshop in Norwich and Great Yarmouth

We decided to split the workshop over two days for the benefit of both clubs. The first day was based in the Norman Centre in Norwich and was a solid introduction to ground work for some of the new students. Sam Markey loves rolling, a term used for grappling. Helping Sam was Brett Richards, who has been with Sam for over ten years and assists at the Bridlington club in Yorkshire. For the more experienced students it was a great chance to improve/enhance their knowledge of the KAPAP principles.

Day 2 Great Yarmouth self defence workshop

The day’s training was focused on weapons, working in the morning with pistols and later in the day we had some AK47 training weapons. The key to combative training is pressure testing. This is done by physically and emotionally testing the student with exercises and drills to bring the heart rate up – recreating the increased adrenaline of combat. The pressure test really puts all the training into practise and can reveal how much training has become second nature and automatic, it is the best way of testing that the training works.

The Manchester team came over to take up the opportunity to train with Sam. The visitors included Jimmy Kelly, a professional boxing coach and catch wrestler (his son is Jimmy Kilrain Kelly WBO Intercontinental Champion) and Claire Ward.

We finished the day off with a slap up meal at the Yankee Traveller in Yarmouth town centre.

For many it was a first time experience to train with Sam Markey, and hopefully Sam will visit us more often. Watch the news posts and course dates for future opportunities to train!


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This post was written by Compostella


The past four months marked my first attempt at contact sports and I have to say Brett’s classes are superb. The thing that really sinks into me is the spiritual aspect of martial arts – perseverance, motivation and determination – things that can be brought to everyday application. Devotion to two or three sessions per week in KAPAP is not only good value for money, but also highly beneficial to the self. My only regret is not being able to stay for longer.

Derek Wong, Norwich