KAPAP/KRAV MAGA self defence courses and classes

We run regular KAPAP self defence courses and classes in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Please have a look at what training we provide. You can check out our FAQs page or simple visit our contact us page and ask a question. The best approach is to come down to a class and see what we do – we can explain the difference between KAPAP and KRAV MAGA and why KAPAP is taught as self-defence to police, army and is a highly practical method of CQB around the world.

KAPAP self defence classes

Classes are open to beginners and advanced students over the age of 16


Self defence seminars

This is a basic one day self defence course, covering the law and your right to defend yourself and plenty of practical self defence drills.


Firearms safe handling and shooting

Always wanted to learn how to shoot? Visit countries that have a high level of gun crime and just want to have some knowledge.