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KAPAP/KRAV MAGA self defence courses and classes

We run regular KAPAP self defence courses and classes in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Please have a look at what training we provide. You can check out our FAQs page or simple visit our contact us page and ask a question. The best approach is to come down to a class and see what we do – we can explain the difference between KAPAP and KRAV MAGA and why KAPAP is taught as self-defence to police, army and is a highly practical method of CQB around the world.

Experienced training team

Our training team have all had real field experience that spans cross the military, medical and security roles. All Viking Kapap instructors are fully insured with the British Combat Association.


I started training in Kapap approx. 13 months ago after locating the club in Great Yarmouth. It’™s a small, growing club which makes it a great environment to train in.

Brett the instructor makes everyone welcome, as do the other students.

Brett brings a wealth of knowledge from various martial arts, the armed forces and door work which means there is a lot of real world scenario’s built into the training, but it’s also fun. The training can be intense but it is to demonstrate that techniques work on all shapes and sizes, which they do.

KAPAP is a different Martial art, more of a thinking martial art where principles are the key and techniques evolve and change over time. The variety is also something I like as we can be doing ground work one week, or Firearm or knife drills the next.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try martial arts or wanting to try something new.

Andy, Norwich