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Avi Nardia Norwich open workshop July

Avi Nardia is back, founder of modern KAPAP Great news, we have our chief instructor down again this July. It’s an open seminar, so anyone who is interested in Israeli martial arts KAPAP/Krav Maga/Israeli Jiu Jitsu. This is a perfect opportunity to train with the best in the business. Never trained before this is an […]

Fear cuts deeper than the sword

Fear and joining a self defence class Starting anything for the first time can be a nerve racking experience. Social anxiety preventing you from stepping through the door, simply can’t beat those pre class nerves? This actually perfectly normal and the best way of dealing with this is to turn up early and meet the […]

Avi Nardia and Eyal Goldshten two day KAPAP self defence workshop Manchester

Great to have Avi Nardia back for a two-day self defence workshop. It seemed like ages ago when he was over to do the Level 1 instructor course in April. This time, we were in Manchester training at the JMA Academy courtesy of Russell Jarmesty.   Surprise guest – Eyal Goldshten As always, we arrange […]

Self-defence seminar with FMA Master Shaun Porter

We don’t run many self-defence seminars but when we do, we always invite someone very special over. This time, it was a friend of mine who we had lost contact and a relationship I wanted to rekindle – Master Shaun Porter. Shaun is a Master in the Philipino arts, being a very close personal student […]

New self defence classes in Norwich

We have now moved to the Norman Centre in Mile Cross area of Norwich. We are run regular self defence classes in Norwich running a regular weekly sessions at The Norman Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until 9.30pm. First class is FREE! The location is great, we have a big matted area, loads of […]

Private self defence classes

Well at last I have managed to get around to this. After being asked on numerous occasions do I provide privates self defence classes I have managed to concede and say yes. I have lots of potential students who can’t make it to regular classes due to work or family commitments. And of course if […]

Self defence and the UK Law

“A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large.” Reasonably proportionate force is acceptable – that is, you can’t use a knife on an undefended attacker although […]

Close quarter combat

Direct, straight to the point self defence. KAPAP offers counter measures when dealing with even the most violent of opponents. We build confidence, a survival mindset and fitness.

Practical survival skills - Bushcraft

KAPAP is a survival system and run workshops with experts in the survival field with Alex Mair (Ex Royal Marine) and Fraser Christian (Coastal survival) school.

Edged weapons awareness & disarming

Learn how to spot a potential concealed weapon (awareness). How to react/respond to a robbery and last resort attempt a disarm.

Firearms handling & disarming

At Viking KAPAP we insist that you learn basic firearms handling. Students will learn how to make a weapon safe, understand the mechanics of a pistol and the difference between different pistols and revolvers.

We train with VCRA compliant (blank firing pistols and BB pistols for realism) pistols. In class you will be taught Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). How to react in a robbery/hostage scenario, evaluate the situation and respond without risking injury to yourself and others.

Remember, their is no 100% guarantee a disarm will work. Is a calculated risk based on the situation and how it develops. Attempting to disarm someone is a last possible resort.

Street grappling

We teach practical easy to learn self defence drills on the ground. KAPAP system teaches Brazilian Jiu Jutsi (Machado school) as a self defence not a sport.

KAPAP in Norwich

Location: The Norman Centre, Bignold Road, Norwich NR31 2QZ

Time: Tuesday evening 19.30 - 21.30hrs

KAPAP in Lowestoft

Location: Ruckus Martial Arts 38 London Road North, Lowestoft NR321EP

Time: Wednesday evenings 19.00 - 21.00hrs

KAPAP in Great Yarmouth

Location: Cobholm Community Centre, St Lukes Terrace, Cobholm, Great Yarmouth NR31 0AP

Time: Monday evening 19.30hrs -21.30hrs

Avi Nardia Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our chief Instructor Avi Nardia is part of the famous Machado family Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

GROM Shooting Academy

We are the UK national representatives club for Master of Arms Željko Vujčić. We teach practical shooting (UK we train Airsoft - skills and drills. Serbia is real steel without the restrictions of UK licensing)

KAPAP / Israeli Jiu Jitsu / GROM

Viking KAPAP is proud to be a member of the Avi Nardia Academy. Teaching KAPAP a modern street self defence system CQC (Close Quarter Combat). Israeli Jiu Jitsu is a more traditional version of KAPAP which is syllabus based. And final we are part of GROM Serbia, the selected firearms school of the Avi Nardia Academy.