KAPAP self defence classes

Our self defence classes are perfect for men, women, Police, Military and anyone who works in the security sector. KAPAP is versatile, dynamic system teaching students who to develop to defend against any situation.

KAPAP does not rely on strength or purely the usage of aggression to solve problems. We draw on a vast depth of knowledge and teaching self defence drills technically correctly. So, if you life depends on it. Your skills will not let you down.

Mixed classes

We are a club that men and women train together. I do not cater for female only self defence classes. It’s essential that females get used to training against larger stronger opponents. Body mechanics change from person to person, so it’s essential to learn to train with all different builds and heights. We don’t build false confidence, we build real skill and self-esteem.

Our classes are realistic and most importantly safe, we regular pressure test drills. All instructors are fully insured under the British Combat Association BCA, they are also registered as British Combat self defence instructors.

We train three sessions a week in Norwich at the Norman Centre.Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening and Saturday mornings. Plus one session in Great Yarmouth on a Wednesday evening at the Cobholm Community Centre

What to wear?

You require no special clothes, we would recommend just wearing tracksuit bottoms, a full T-shirt and training shoes. Oh, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water.

We do also provide a nice training Viking KAPAP T-shirt for £13

Age limits

We don’t train anybody under the age of 16 years of age. KAPAP is purely adult content and I would suggest if you would like to talk up a martial art for your child I would highly recommend Ju-Jutsi with Brett Lemon who teaches on a Monday and Wednesday evening at the Norman Centre, Norwich

What do we teach?

  • General CQB close quarter battle
  • Knife defence and awareness drills
  • Firearms defence drills and handling skills
  • Street grappling
  • Physical restraint
  • Multiple attackers
  • Understanding UK law
  • Psychology