Firearms safe handling and shooting

Always wanted to learn how to shoot? Visit countries that have a high level of gun crime and just want to have some knowledge.

We provide full training, preparing students to go live firing in Pozarevac, Serbia. With the GROM shooting team under the tuition of Master Zeljko Vujcic. Training methods are practical and regularly updated. So we are never static! Learn, to react fast and be accurate under pressure with step by step training. Gaining superior hand gun and rifle skills.

Why go shooting in Serbia?

Avi Nardia our chief instructor has trained with many shooting clubs and military units around the world has stated that the GROM team in Serbia is the best he’s worked with. So, why train with anybody else!

Serbia has major advantages than learning in the UK. It has not got any restrictions with what weapon use. Whether it’s a pistol, shotgun, sub machine gun and rifle. The hospitality is fantastic, you are looked after extremely well during your visit. All trips are all inclusive, you get a lot for your money.

This experience is open to all members of KAPAP UK, anyone outside the group will have to provide a DBs check.

Handling skills (dry firing UK)

1. Safety rules of weapon handling

2. Understanding the mechanical function of the weapon

3. Three firing conditions

4. Instinctive combat shooting drills

Note: There will be no live ammunition or real firearms on this course. Weapons provided will be replica VCRA compliant pistols.