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Sam Markey KAPAP Krav Maga 2 day workshop in Norwich and Great Yarmouth

This is a great opportunity for KAPAP GY students and anyone interested in Israeli Martial Arts to train with Sam Markey. Avi Nardia’s highest ranked KAPAP/Krav Maga instructor ranked Teacher and also holds the rank of teacher. Sam who had previous emigrated to New Zealand has returned and will be staying in the UK permanently. This is great news to the UK group as he has been sorely missed.

Sam Markey brought KAPAP to the UK in 2003 and has had the pleasure of teaching police, military, civilian and corporate clients. He also runs the the UK instructor program, where he teaches/mentors instructors in developing them into highly skilled professionals.

KAPAP / Krav Maga seminar details

The seminar will be split over two days. 

Day one will be in the Norman Centre Norwich. This will be great session for all KAPAP GY students as we will spend the day working on KAPAP/BJJ drills.

Day 2 will be at our Great Yarmouth location (Cobholm Community Centre) and will cover general Close Quarter Battle CQB skills.

For those who are not familiar with KAPAP it works as a bridging system for any style. We cover the whole spectrum of self defence which includes: Knife, Firearms, ground and multiple attackers.

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This class is friendly, practical and challenging. Every week varies and we build on our skills. We are taught to avoid danger as well as confront it. I would 100% recommend this class.

Louise, Great Yarmouth


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