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Self defence training with ladies from the Merry Go Round agility dog walking group based in Harleston

Self defence training with a local dog walking/agility group

 We were asked to provide a self defence course for a dog walking group, after the recent shocking murder of a local pensioner stabbed in woodlands in East Harling, Norfolk, an area used by the the Merry-Go-Round Agility group. The first thing to add is that attacks like this are extremely rare and there is nothing to be gained from living in fear…. View Article


Avi Nardia founder of modern KAPAP will be in Norwich January 14th 2017 to run a knife only seminar

Avi Nardia knife seminar in Norwich

Great news really pleased to announce that Avi Nardia founder of Modern KAPAP is visiting Viking KAPAP in January. For a knife only open seminar…


Viking KAPAP self defence rebrand

Viking KAPAP self defence group rebrand

The new Viking KAPAP brand launched this month to replace the KAPAP Great Yarmouth club name


Breaking a clinch hole with Matt Mayes Level 1 Viking KAPAP instructor

Sam Markey self defence master class in Norwich & Great Yarmouth

Sam Markey Chief Instructor KAPAP UK master class for Viking KAPAP group based in Norwich and Great Yarmouth over the bank holiday weekend.


Sam Markey KAPAP Krav Maga 2 day workshop in Norwich and Great Yarmouth

It’s a great honour to announce that Sam Markey ranked level 5 KAPAP instructor visiting Norwich and Great Yarmouth end of May.


KAPAP Level 1 Instructor development course

Welcome back Sam Markey who has returned to the UK after migrating to New Zealand. Great to have him back and running level 1 instructor development courses again.


Instinctive combat shooting Serbia

Instinctive combat shooting Serbia

As KAPAP CQC Close Quarter Combat instructor it’s essential you know your subject matter. How many self defence instructors teach a firearms disarms, but have no idea on safety handling and shooting?


Commando memorial Fairbairn-skyes training ground Spean Bridge

Fairbairn €“Sykes method of keeping it super simple with Alex Mair

Hand-to-hand unarmed combat simian with Alex Mail, ex Royal Marine and third generation Fairborn Sykes instructor


Unarmed combat day with A Coy 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment

Unarmed combat night with the 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment

Unarmed combat night training with A Company 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment ‘The Steelbacks’


Alex Mair unarmed combatives training

Self defence seminar with Alex Mair Royal Marine unarmed combat instructor

Alex Mair one of the few genuine British Army unarmed combat instructors. Served with the Royal Marines for 28 years and 3rd generation original Fairbairn Sykes military instructor.



After having been attending Brett’s KAPAP training two nights a week for the past 4 months, I can certainly attest to the INCREDIBLE value for money of his program and the wonderfully pragmatic and effective approach to self defence it takes. There are no frills or rituals, only techniques that to my lay mind seem entirely rooted in reason and principal.

Alec, Norwich