Welcome to Viking KAPAP school of self defence, in Great Yarmouth & Norwich

Specialist self defence classes and self defence courses for men and women who want to learn a fast, effective self defence in keeping with UK law.


We teach traditional, sport and combatives under a single flag for anyone who wishes to learn and progress with only one major prerequisite:integrity

- Greetings from Master Avi Nardia-

Intelligent, practical martial art designed purely for self defence

Brett Mackenzie experienced KAPAP self defence instructorAnimis opibusque parati – Prepared in minds and resources (ready for anything).

KAPAP is not a sports based or traditional martial art, it’s classed as a “combative” and is designed purely for the application of self defence, whether you’re a housewife, door supervisor, police officer or military forces.

We specialise in teaching awareness skills, conflict management, defending against edged weapons, heavy impact weapons, firearms, multiple attackers and street grappling.

Self defence and the misconception that training is all about learning the best way to hurt people

Myself and fellow KAPAP UK instructors have spent most of their adult life dealing with violent and aggressive people, learning that an aggressive response is often likely to exacerbate the problem rather than dilute it. We approach self defence training differently, teaching a system based on recognising and evaluating the threat, avoiding it if possible and where it fails, implementing the appropriate response.

The KAPAP weapon is your brain

KAPAP for self defence that works

Whatever size, age or level of fitness

Whether you have got years of martial art experience or you are a complete novice; you are welcome. We train amongst friends and have no big egos so you will always feel at home. One size doesn’t fit all and whatever self defence drills we teach, we can adapt and make it work for you even if height and strength is an issue.

We have a good mixture of male and female students of all shapes and sizes. KAPAP is physically and mentally demanding as we are preparing your minds and bodies to defend against modern day threats.

Benefits of learning KAPAP

  • It’s fun and an opportunity to meet new people
  • Teaches you important life skills
  • Learning skills that will protect yourself and others
  • Increase self confidence
  • It’s a great way to get fit
  • Taught by instructors who have creditable real life experience


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